Success Stories

The Winnipeg Adventure Boot Camp for Women is exactly what I needed in order to give me a push in the right direction to better fitness. At first the 5:00am wake up call was one of the reasons I was skeptical about starting the program,but after a few days my body adapted and I got so much more done in my day! Jason was a great trainer! He made me feel at ease about the program.He got me going in the morning and was always in great spirits.I enjoyed the pace of the program. It was always challenging yet achievable. There was a nice balance and variety, one day doing soccer training exercises,the next circuit training.We performed a timed one mile every week and I improved on my time! I have noticed more strength in my arms and legs. I have more lean muscle mass than before and have lost some weight! This experience has given me a great start to better fitness.

Leanne Batenchuk

Winnipeg Adventure BootCamp has been a very fun and exciting experience.Every day with Jason is a new challenge, and I find myself looking forward to the next day’s adventure. My self confidence has improved, and I’ve found that within the last three weeks my clothes are fitting better, and I’m feeling healthier and stronger. Jason is always very encouraging, and makes me feel as though I can accomplish anything. I’ve tried gym memberships many times in the past, but I’ve found I much prefer bootcamp for many reasons. I was able to enjoy my workout outside, with a personal instructor who ensures I am doing everything correctly. I’ve learned many exercises I can continue in my own home for years to come and most importantly, boot camp has held me accountable, meaning I have to show up because I have someone to answer to (no more lazy mornings lying on the couch watching T.V.) This was an experience I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and would highly recommended to anyone who is looking to get into shape, and have fun.

Michelle Gransden

Boot Camp was Fabulous ! It was a great way to jump start my fitness program.Jason is a skilled instructor who generated enthusiasm among participants.We were challenged and had fun doing it.


I have never before considered exercising to be fun but I found I looked forward to bootcamp everyday and had a great time.It was a great experience,I learned alot from Jason ,and I would definitely do it again !


This was great ! I was super reluctant …but was so glad I did it.I wasn’t sure I could do it but Jason makes you feel like you can do it.
What you can’t do at the beginning of camp you grow into.
I would absolutely do this again.


Variety,Variety,Variety…I enjoyed getting my workout done and out of the way early – and still have the rest of the day! I loved attending and not having to think about what exercise should be done next. It was fun and enjoyable – and would do it again ! ( which I did !)

In general I found Boot Camp one of my more positive life experiences. I would highly recommend it to any one looking for a challenge and just a totally fantastic experience !! It has given me “the boot” I needed to push myself for a even healthier lifestyle.
Thanks Jason ! ! !


I loved the exercises! Very organized.Not too stressfull, lot’s of laughs.I would do it again in a heart beat.I have alot more energy.

Natalie R.

Great way to start your day.Camp was very organized and challenging.Good variety of exercises.

Joanne C.

Able to make you feel comfortable with whatever fitness level you are at.
The variety- you were never bored.

Karen S.

Doing Bootcamp produced more results then I expected.I could start my day earlier and accomplished more during the day,well getting in shape and feeling more self-confident.I loved it.What a positive experience.I also could function well on less hours of sleep and the sleep I did have was quality.

Leanne D

I joined this program to motivate myself into working out on a more consistent basis and this Boot Camp has accomplished that.As well I’ve met an amazing group of women.

Aamna Hussain
Camp # 1. 2005

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